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Pumps and Plumbing

plumbingWater is essential for life and management of water is a crucial to ensuring residential, agricultural and industrial processes function smoothly.

Lohberger Engineering has a long history of retailing, designing and installing pumping systems. Whether it’s an automatic float pump for a boats bilge, a firefighting system for an oil refinery or installing tanks and pumping equipment to capture rainwater runoff we have 50 years experience in projects of all sizes.

Our water technicians are experts in fixing problems and devising solutions in all areas of pumping and plumbing. Movement of water and other liquids like fuel and sewerage, treating wastewater, desalinating seawater and the fabrication liquid storage facilities ranging from just a few hundred litres right up to large scale tank farms.

Lohberger Engineering also has many years experience working in fuel supply and can custom design and deliver fuel pumping equipment for petrol, diesel and oils. Our engineering workshop can design and fabricate systems ranging from an individual fuel tank up to entire service stations, marine refuelling and more.