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About Us

Lohberger Engineering’s roots as a company go back to the 1930’s when it was a supplier of electrical generators and parts to business and industry in central province. The assets and equipment of this proto-company were purchased by Ernie Lohberger who arrived here as a young man in 1961 and out of them was formed Lohberger Engineering. The subsequent 50 years have seen an expansion of the company to operate multiple branches in Port Moresby and Lae with mobile technical teams that can be deployed even to the most remote corners of PNG.

Lohberger Warehouse

Lohberger Warehouse

From early on Lohberger Engineering has been involved in the supply and maintenance of generating sets in plantations, factories, hotels and mines around PNG. We quickly realised that parts and service are as important as the supply of new generators so we created a dedicated mechanical department to ensure all our products were backed by quality experienced technical support. Our workshops in Port Moresby and Lae have full machining facilities with machine shops as well as full mechanical and electrical departments that have their own dedicated workshops.

We specialise in supplying and installing generators and carry in stock a full range that goes from 1KVA up to 450KVA but can supply up to 3000KW sets plus paralleling equipment when required. Our extensive warehouse carries a full range of parts and materials for all of our products and if we come across an unusual situation our machine shop can design and custom fabricate tailor made items or we can call upon our extensive global network of suppliers in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

When we found that much of the electrical control equipment for power systems was unavailable in PNG we started importing this bringing in circuit breakers, relays and mechanically linked changeover switches rated up to 630 amps as well as control equipment like switchboxes. Our electrical division also designs and manufactures our own switchboards, for both generator sets and water and sewer pumping systems. We even fabricate our own range of custom designed fuel tanks ranging from just a few litres to many thousands.

We understand that in PNG you often need a backup plan for your backup plan. That is why we have structured our company so we can cover all your eventualities to have as little down time as possible. There is no need to run around to three or four different suppliers or service providers. Lohberger Engineering can handle all your requirements from concept idea to turnkey to lifetime maintenance. We know that because it’s the way we’ve been working for half a century.