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Rhino Water tanks

Whatever your water storage requirements, Lohberger Engineering and Rhino Water Tanks can meet your needs.
Our range of modular steel water tanks can be designed, manufactured and installed for any purpose. Whether you require a 10,000 litre tank for domestic use, or a series of 5,000,000 litre tanks for a large-scale operation, Lohberger Engineering and Rhino Water Tanks can provide you with an expertly designed, reliable and durable water storage solution, built to the highest international standards to offer our clients the most practical and dependable water storage systems available.


Mono Pumps

Mono is a global manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps and pump parts and has a wide product range suitable for the pumping of fluids within the waste water, chemical, food, beverage, paper, mining, mineral processing, marine, agricultural and oil and gas sectors.
Mono are also the inventors of the EZstrip™ family of products which provide a Maintain-In-Place solution for the maintenance of progressing cavity pumps and associated products.
NOV Mono also supplies rotary lobe pumps, grinders, screens and packaged pump systems, ideally suited for the efficient maceration, screening and pumping of waste water flows.


F Cubed Solar Desalination Systems

F CUBED is an Australian owned, global company, dedicated to the conservation, production and processing of the worlds most critical resource,water through solar desalination process & efficient water purification systems like solar water purifiers. Carocell solar desalinating / purification technology is the most efficient and cost effective system of its kind, producing pure, clean drinking water on any scale from any water source.

sun king

Sun King Solar Lights

Consumers expect reliable performance in the toughest rural environments. With five-year lifespan LFP batteries, water-sealed electrical ports, and indestructible stands, Sun King™ products set the industry’s gold standard for durability.


Aquion Batteries

Aquion’s battery technology offers long cycle life at 100% depth of discharge for long duration (4 to 20 hour) applications. The batteries are extremely tolerant to abuse with the ability to stand at a partial state of charge with minimal degradation. The system requires no costly thermal management or regular maintenance and contains no hazardous materials, corrosive acids, or noxious fumes.